Pluralsight Skills

Take learning into your own hands

Practice new skills in risk-free environments, so you can correct mistakes before they matter. With labs, interactive courses, projects and sandboxes, your teams can build job-ready skills in record time.

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Develop and practice new skills with immediate feedback

Labs provide learners with a safe, provisioned environment to practice new skills in cloud, software development, data and more. By following guided instructions and step-by-step tasks, your team members can work through challenges similar to the ones they’ll tackle on the job, so they’ll be project-ready when the time comes.

Practice with labs

Explore what you’re learning in an unconstrained environment

Sandboxes provide learners with safe, provisioned environments to experiment freely, so they can complete objectives unique to their role without installing or configuring anything.

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Turn real-world experiences into real-world success

With projects, learners can apply what they’re learning in real-world scenarios on their own developer workspace and get automatic validation of their work—so they can troubleshoot any issues with their code before bringing new skills into the workplace.

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Interactive Courses

Practice as you learn

Starting something new doesn’t have to be intimidating. With interactive courses, your team members can test-drive new skills with hands-on coding challenges and guided feedback.

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Learn, practice and apply

Dive into our new hands-on learning experiences to help get you prepped and certified, so you can be better equipped on your quest to success.

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